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Song #016: Antic Cafe - Ryuusei Rocket
November 07, 2007 04:07 PM PST
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Your heard it here first; An Cafe's new single, just released today!!!
Song: 01. Ryuusei Rocket

Artist: Antic Cafe (and that is the CORRECT English name)

Single: Ryuusei Rocket

Comments: Not bad. I'm still a fan of the old An Cafe era music-wise. Second song coming in a few.

News: D and Merry released their new albums recently. I have D's Neo Culture ~Around the World~ already.

Song #013: a.b.s. first album - As One
October 19, 2007 04:04 PM PDT
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You NEED to listen to this. Don't like rock? Listen to it anyway, because who doesn't like T.M.Revolution [vocalist Takanori Nishikawa]???

Song: 01 As One


Album: abingdon boys school (first album)

Comment: I LOOOOVE THIS SONG. Does it not hit you like an atom bomb??? GET THE ALBUM. If you don't like this song, don't just disregard a.b.s. They have plenty of other different types of songs in the pop-rock-electronica-dance category. It's impossible for this band not to be awesome, looking at who fronts the band, and I've loved every one of their singles up to this point (Darker than Black anime, my friends). Go to wikipedia.com for more information on a.b.s.

Image: Look at Takanori's nerdy glasses!!! XD

Song #012: MEILIN - Innocent Girl
October 18, 2007 07:11 PM PDT

Song: Inosentogaru / Innocent Girl (イノセントガール)
Artist: MEILIN
Single: INOSENTOGARU (イノセントガール)
Comments: Looking at that romanization, it look me a second to realize it said Innocent Girl, because I'm slow like that. MEILIN is like a Japanese BoA to me already (for those of you who don't know, BoA is Korean but has numerous crossover albums), and this is only her second single! Going to try to get my hands on her new single (My Sweet Darlin') soon. Like I said, Jealkb coming soon.

Song #011: xxxHolic 19sai
October 18, 2007 06:53 PM PDT
itunes pic

Song: 19sai
Artist: Suga Shikao (Shikao is first name)
Anime: xxxHOLiC (manga from CLAMP, who has done Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Legal Drug, Clover, x/1999, Chobits, RG Veda and Angelic Layer
Comments: Don't think I don't see those downloads you've been doing. COMMENTSU yourself. Takes 5 seconds. Shikao does a lot of lyrics for other famous J-pop groups, such as Arashi, SMAP, and KAT-TUN. He has 11 albums and an insert (Manatsu no Yoru no Yume) for the Death Note live action movie. (He's also very Americanized in terms of interests) xxxHOLiC has only recently been released as anime in Japan. Yay for first Ainote anime song!
More updates when more comments come through; they give me inspiration. Try to get you a song from Jealkb [disbanded] soon.
Image: I debated between a picture from the xxxHOLiC single and one from the SugaHOLiC: A Suga Shikao Fanlisting site, and decided on the cover art since I have permission to use it.

Song #010: SCISSOR - Kind
October 02, 2007 05:42 PM PDT

Song: 01 Kind
Artist: SCISSOR (Disbanded)
Single: Spider
Comments: This is Tsunehito's (D) previous band. Listen to that bass and try to tell me this song isn't awesome. No picture, b/c I don't feel like looking for one.

Song #009: HOPE - melody.
August 24, 2007 11:13 AM PDT
itunes pic

Song: HOPE

Artist: melody. (she's Hawaiian. ^^)


Lyrics (romanized): http://corichan.com/lyrics/albums/melody-readytogo.html#05

Comments: This song is hypnotizing to me; it puts me in a trance. I love how the English lyrics are uplifting, and coherent, which is saying something since I never was much of a "happy go lucky" music person.

Only about 3 songs stand out in Melody Mizuki Ishikawa's new 2007 album, because the title track, which somehow made its way onto the Oricon charts, has incredibly annoying English lyrics. The kind where you're glad they can put together sentences, but the rhyming is off. melody. could have pulled it off it was wasn't for, well, the dumb melody. Bad combo. You can't have bad English lyrics unless you're a J-rock band in which your voice isn't the only focal point. This is an example of which it is better NOT to be able to understand Engrish.

(Example: "Is this a dream, or is this really happening for real?" "Am I awake, or am I just imagining its real?" then something about getting her groove on...)

No one's gonna "stop or break" your "flow"? I just did. Run it by someone who speaks 21st century English first. And get a slang dictionary. But don't worry, melody. I still love you for THIS song.

Song#008: Defective Tragedy - the GazettE
August 19, 2007 03:23 PM PDT
itunes pic

Song: Defective Tragedy

Artist: the GazettE (Artist of the Month, August '07)

Single: Hyena -Auditory Impression-

Comments: I LOOOOVE THIS SONG. It's my 4th favorite GazettE song, I think. It's sort of explicit, tho...there's worse, where Ruki is actually spitting out English curse words, but this one is about suicide, partially in Eng. Not that it matters, since Ruki's Engrish is indecipherable anyway. I reeeeally need to get around to putting up Stacked Rubbish for download......Maybe...tomorrow? >.

Picture: Reita gets snubbed, lol. This is from the hey hey hey! interview show thingie, in which Ruki informs us about how his parents never supported his music career until they became popular. Poor guy. Seems like his relationship with them was always strained. He says he started talking to his dad again, and he would guess about a song they were making, but the would always get it wrong, or something like that. Tsk, tsk, Ruki's parents! TAKE SOME INTEREST IN YOUR KID'S LIFE! BE SUPPORTIVE! err...anyway, about Reita, the host kept asking the members questions and then ignoring Reita when it came to be his turn. And they made fun of bandera (his noseband)!

This is my attempt to embed the video into the blog:

Otherwise, go watch the video on Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=yoD9RTb7DdQ

Song #007: Secret - Ayumi Hamasaki
August 19, 2007 02:39 PM PDT
itunes pic

Song: Secret

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki

Single: Glitter | Faded (Track 03), maintaining her #1 single on the charts status for 9 consecutive years.

Album: Secret (I believe it's the same song, but I don't have that 2006 album)

News: Ayumi just broke up with her fiancee July 14th! She had been famously on-again-off-again with Nagase Tomoya of TOKIO (boy band) for 6 years. They were supposed to get married in Oct, then it was moved to Dec due to hectic schedules, then she broke up with him. Something about her love turning into "brotherly love". I think she just got cold feet...

Comments: I actually like this song alright. I'm very critical of slow songs. Unless it's classical or particularly beautiful, I usually won't listen to it except for in the background while I'm doing homework. Ballads definitely don't work for me, but I'll probably end up uploading some anyway, for variety.

I will only upload the other song off this single, "fated", if I get a comment or a fan or something along those lines so that I know what people like. It only takes a minute, onegaaaai/pleeeease?!

Picture: It's really hard to find good pictures of Ayu and Tomoya together!

Song #006: Glitter - Ayumi Hamasaki
August 18, 2007 10:53 PM PDT
itunes pic

Song: Glitter

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki "The Empress of Jpop"

Single: Glitter / Faded (most recent as of now)

Comments: Enjoy. I'll be uploading the 3rd song off the single soon; it's so pretty! TO GET THE 2nd SONG, POST A COMMENT AND ASK ME! Requests are welcome to those willing to acknowledge these efforts! Don't just mooch.

Pretty pretty please, COMMENTSU, Become a Fan, tell somebody else about my podcast! If you don't comment, how will I know there's a point in uploading?

Image: It's pretty big. Sorry.

Song #005: Monkey Magic
August 18, 2007 10:33 PM PDT
itunes pic

Song: Monkey Magic

Artist: Monkey Majik

Comments: Remember Saiyuki, the Journey to the West? You know how it's based on an actual myth? (look it up) Well, this is the condensed version of Goku's story, troubador style (am I spelling that right? >.< too tired to tell)

What's really weird is that the vocalists for the group are Canadian brothers. Yup. Look at the picture. (The band consists of guitarists/vocalists Maynard and Blaise Plant, brothers who sing in Japanese and English; drummer Takuya "tax" Kikuchi (菊池拓哉 Kikuchi Takuya); and bassist DICK.) The first time I heard them, I wondered why they spoke English so well, lol.

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