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November 04, 2008 01:35 PM PST

I am revamping Ainote, and I haven't yet decided what to do with it, but I have found some errors in my info about the music I've uploaded and so things will either be taken down or reuploaded differently. If any music disappears that you would like to keep, please email me or leave a comment and I will get it to you. Please await more updates.

Song #025: Tohoshinki - Last Angel (Tohoshinki Version)
February 18, 2008 01:37 PM PST
itunes pic

Song: Last Angel (Tohoshinki Version)
Artist: TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki.
Album: T
Comments: I actually like the Koda Kumi single version better, but I don't think that one featured TVXQ enough, so here's their own version from their latest Japanese album. A little info about TVXQ: the members use two names, their given and their stage. The fans usually use their Korean given names, so I'll give you both to save you from confusion.
Hero (JaeJoong)
U-know (YunHo)
Micky (YooChun)
Xiah (JunSu)
Max (ChangMin)
Go to youtube and search TVXQ Rising Sun and you can see the boys for yourself, complete with the stage names below the images of them.
Picture: Another of the three covers for the album

Song #024: Tohoshinki - Purple Line
February 18, 2008 01:25 PM PST
itunes pic

Song: Purple Line
Artist: TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki
Single: Purple Line
Album: T
Comments: I enjoy this song. Very much. Especially since Micky/Yoochun says "I only wanna touch myself" XD. Despite having the lyrics and translation, I still have no idea what he's talking about. Also, I'll be uploading Tohoshinki's version of Last Angel (which was also a collabo w/ Koda Kumi). For those of you who don't know, DBSK is Korean, but they usually refer to themselves by the Chinese abbrev. TVXQ, except in Japan where all their albums say Tohoshinki (THSK). >< They all stand for Rising Gods of the East.
Picture: One of the three album covers

Song #023: (Anime) RSP - Kansha.
February 18, 2008 12:48 PM PST
itunes pic

Song: Kansha. (感謝; Gratitude)
Artist: RSP (Real Street Project).
They were formed out of a selection from 5000 members in a competition with the same name as the band, and have two female vocalists, two female dancers, and two male dancers. Only two singles so far!
Single: Kansha. (released Dec. 6th)
Anime: BLEACH (Ending 14) If you don't know what BLEACH is, shame on you!

Comments: Not a half bad single from RSP, with simple lyrics that get right to the point and convey the feelings behind the song (gratitude for friends and family. notice that they say arigatou a lot). I like it more after listening to it a few times; it goes very well with BLEACH and they scan over all the characters toward the end of the theme. The funny thing is that this song reminds me of a pop-rockish song, although RSP is a "Hip-Hop/R&B Dance Unit". Maybe it's because most of the themes for BLEACH are pop/rock?
I also like one of the other songs on the single, Ai no Yuujou ~Cypress Ueno is Mine~, which might actually be hip-hop. I might use it as background in one of my future podcasts where I actually speak (lol I've been procrastinating!!!! Perhaps a jhip-hop/R&B eppie on top of the Korean one?). The other song on the single is Homie, which has some definite J-ska influences.
So what genre are they, really? No idea.

Picture: Bleach main chars. Also, go here to find out more abt BLEACH, inc. cast list and Opening and Ending theme list. I should do a BLEACH eppie, too...@__@ www.tvrage.com/Bleach_JP

Song #22: BoA - AGGRESSIVE
February 13, 2008 04:34 PM PST
itunes pic

Artist: BoA
Comments: So BoA's back with a new Japanese release. I wouldn't say the album is spectacular; I only really liked three songs and mostly because she had good musical composition to back up the melodies. Liking the techno flair. This is my favorite song. I also like Style.
Ainote Updates: I have the flu. Otherwise I actually would've posted a real episode right now, a Korean one probably. Intend to get around to bring you guys new stuff real soon. Thanks for the friend requests!

Song #021: Nana Tanimura - Say Good-bye
December 01, 2007 12:41 AM PST
itunes pic

Song: Say Good-bye
Artist: Nana Tanimura (briefly featuring some rapper that I don't recognize)
Single: Say Good-bye
Comment: This is the only song I really like of Nana's new single. Her voice just doesn't seem to fit sometimes. I love the forceful tone of this song.
Image: A weird thing to mention: She's especially well-endowed, which had garnered her some attention. This cover is from the CD + DVD.

Song #020: New Wonder Girls
December 01, 2007 12:19 AM PST

Song: 쪼요쪼요 (미니 게임천국 3 주제가)
Artist: Wonder Girls
Single: 쪼요쪼요
Comments: Can't see the text? If you have Windows, go the control panel. In Category view, click Date, Time, Language, and Regional options. In Classic view, click Regional and Language options. In category view, it will ask you to "add other languages". Otherwise, click the language tab and check the box next to "install East Asian Language pack". Installation will require a computer restart. ^^

Song #019: Tia Single
December 01, 2007 12:07 AM PST
itunes pic

Song: 거짓말이라도 (Don't remember English title *lazy*)
Artist: Tia
Comment: A nice Korean slow jam.
Image: Any idea what the Japanese says? Well, I like the avi anyway.

Song #018: AI - Get Up (feat SPHERE OF INFLUENCE)
November 30, 2007 11:38 PM PST
itunes pic

Song: Get Up (feat Sphere of Influence)
Artist: AI
Single: ONE
Comments: YEAAAAH! Just move a litlle sommin sommin! AI is the queen of soul in Japan. She is 1/3 Italian, although when I first heard her voice and style I thought she must have some African American blood, but I guess she was just influenced by her life in California. I'm going to try to make this song my ringtone; I love the beat. She went to a dance academy there. AI is releasing a new album this month (Dec).
I've been rather neglectful. i'd really appreciate some feedback, or something, even though i know I don't update a lot. I need to get some Korean music on here, and try to make another mix. It's been FOREVER.

Song #017: Antic Cafe - Koi no Dependence
November 07, 2007 04:15 PM PST
itunes pic

More from my favorite oshare kei group. I miss Bou, but I still got love for Takuya.

Song: 2. Koi no Dependence

Artist: Antic Cafe

Single: Ryuusei Rocket (released today, Nov. 7)
Comments: I don't know which song I like better!

Image: It's the same as the other one, although i contemplated a cute little Miku sprite dressed like in my favorite An Cafe song, BondS ~Kizuna~

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